# Installing Gondola

# Requirements

# List of Required Software and Packages

# System Requirements

  • OS requirement: Windows 10 (EN & JP locales), Windows 7 (EN), MacOS Mojave (10.14), Ubuntu LTS (18.04.2)
  • Memory: at least 4GB
  • At least 500mb of free space

# Step 0: Prerequisites

# Installing Node.JS and npm

Gondola requires Node.js LTS version (8.x and higher):

  • To check whether your machine has Node and NPM installed with the correct version, open a terminal/console window and type:
npm --versions
  • To install Node, download the Long Term Support version and follow its installation instructions

# Install Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is required to use with Gondola. Head to their website to download and install it.

# Step 1: Installing Gondola Studio

Gondola Studio is an extension for Visual Studio Code that helps you to create, manage, and execute tests using Gondola Framework.

Click here for follow the steps below to install Gondola Studio

  • Open Visual Studio Code and click on the Extensions icon on the Activity Bar extension icon
  • Search for Gondola Studio and click Install
    Extensions Marketplace
  • You can see that the Gondola Studio icon is now displayed on the Activity Bar.

Gondola Icon

# Step 2: Login to Gondola

  • Click the Gondola Extension Icon in the Activity Bar Gondola Icon.
  • Click the View License View License Button.
  • Login using your username and password or a token.

Once you've successfully logged in you can start using Gondola

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