# LogiGear AppCenter

LogiGear AppCenter makes it easy to install Gondola and configure your system for testing.

# Installing LogiGear App Center

  1. If you haven't signed up for a LogiGear Account, click here and sign up for one.
  2. Download the latest version of LogiGear AppCenter from here
  3. After downloading LogiGear AppCenter, double-click on the installer to install it.
  4. Windows will ask if you'd like to allow this app to make changes to your device. Click Yes. This may happen twice.
    allow app changes

LGAC should open automatically after the installation finishes.

# Installing Gondola Studio and it's Dependencies

  1. On the main screen click the install now button next to Gondola Studio.
    install now


If you have not already logged into your LogiGear Account, you will need to now. If you do not have a LogiGear Account, click here to create one.
login page

Now you'll see the Installation Wizard. Here you can find out if your system meets to the minumum requirements to run Gondola and install the necessary software to run Gondola. LGAC will detect which applications you already have installed and which ones you need to install.
3. Click the Install button next a specific application or click Install All to install all the missing applications.

Installation Wizard

# Setting JAVA_HOME

Set JAVA_HOME in your system’s environmental variables to the JDK installation path.

When the installation has completed, click next.

choose testing

# Installing Web and Android Testing Dependencies

Choose which kind of app testing you plan to do.

  • Click here to install the dependencies for web testing.
  • Click here to install the dependencies for Android testing.

# Installing Web Testing Dependencies

This step will install the necesary dependencies for web testing with Gondola.

  1. Click Install next to the browsers you wish you use if you haven't installed them already.
  2. When you've installed all the browsers you wish to test, click Next to continue

web testing installation page


You will need to install at least one of the browsers.

# Start Web Testing

Congrats, you've finished setting up and installing Gondola.

Click finish to open Gondola Studio and the Gondola Docs quickstart. Optionaly you can go straight Web Testing Tutorial finish installation

# Installing Android Testing Dependencies

LogiGear AppCenter can help you by automatically installing Appium, but you will need to manually install Android SDK.

  1. If you have not installed Appium, click the Install button next to Appium
  2. The easiest way to install the Android SDK is using Android Studio. This also makes it easy to setup an emulator. If you have not installed the Android SDK, click the Download button. It will take you to the Android Studio home page where you can download and install Android Studio.
  3. Start the Android Studio Installation.
    • If you plan on using an emulator (AVD), make sure to check Android Virtual Device on the choose components screen.
      choose components
  4. After installing Android Studio you will be prompted to install the Android SDK. Install the SDK.


Android Studio is not required to use Gondola Studio, but it makes it easier install the Android SDK and manage emulators. If you're an advanced user you can optionally just install the SDK


Configure the ANDROID_HOME environmental variable: Initialize this variable using the same method you used for the JAVA_HOME environmental variable.


For more detailed information on installing Android Studio and the SDK see the documentation here

# Completing the Installation

  1. In LogiGear AppCenter you can check that the SDK is installed by clicking the Verify button. It should turn green, if not, make sure you've properly set the ANDROID_HOME variable. ![/assets/lgac-androidSDK-verified.png]
  2. Click Next Congratulations! Now you're ready to go
  3. Click Ok to get started with Gondola Mobile Testing. You can start with the Android Testing Tutorial here
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