# Telemetry

Gondola collects telemetry data, which is used to help understand how to improve the product. We use this data to optimize start-up times, prioritize new features and enhance stability. Gondola receives telemetry data in 2 ways, via Gondola Studio or Gondola Test Runner

# Disabling Telemetry for Gondola Studio

You'll need to have installed the Gondola Studio extension already.

  1. Open VSCode
  2. Open settings: File > Preferences > Settings (macOS: Code > Preferences > Settings)
  3. Search for gondola
  4. Uncheck the setting Gondola: Allow Telemetry
  5. VSCode will need to be restarted for the setting to take effect. Disable Gondola Studio Telemetry


This can be a user(global) or workspace setting.

# Disabling Telemetry for Gondola Test Runner

Gondola Test Runner sends telemetry data when you run a test. This setting is set in your project's configuration files and is not based on VSCode user or workspace settings. To disable telemetry for Gondola Test Runner add "telemetry":false to your gondola.*.json files like below:

"tests": "./built/**/testPage.js",
"timeout": 10000,
"output": "./results",
//lines removed for brevity
Last Updated: 12/28/2020, 4:12:58 AM