# Understanding Gondola

What You Will Learn

A quick overview of the tools & core concepts of Gondola

# Test Authoring Styles

Gondola supports various test authoring styles including:

# Gondola Framework

Gondola Framework is a unified and easy to use set APIs for Selenium, Appium, and Protractor users.

It allows users to write tests scripts using ABT (in TypeScript) and BDD with Page Object Model support. The Test Runner (CLI) can execute your tests in parallel with multi-browser/multi-device configurations.

Besides generating tester-friendly reports in HTML and XML with detailed steps and screenshots, Gondola Framework also has APIs for users to build their own reports.

# Gondola Studio

Gondola Studio is a GUI-based Toolkit to help create new test projects using Gondola Framework with templates. It's also where you'll managage your license information.

Gondola provides a rich and easy to use experience for designing, automating, managing, and executing tests.

# Project Structure

The proposed project structure for BDD project structure 4 BDD

And for ABT project structure 4 ABT

# Configuration File

Gondola Framework can be customized easily via the configuration file. There, you are able to customize how Gondola interacts with your project, including:

  • The location of test files
  • The location of test results
  • Configure and change automation techniques
  • etc

# Locators

Gondola understands locators that are understood by the (configurable) automation technique it is running on. You can pass your current locator to Gondola directly, or wrap it in an ILocator and Gondola will pick the correct locator type for the current platform (iOS/Android/Web).

POM Builder is a product of Gondola Environment that allows you to instantly generate locators for all test automation frameworks.

# Test Runner

We use Mocha to run our tests. That means you have all features that Mocha supports including, but not limited to, Mocha plugins.

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