# Using Action Modules

# Creating an Action Module

  1. Navigate to any project folder, we recommend creating src/actions if it does not already exist.
  2. Right click on selected directory then click New Gondola Action Module
  3. GTD will open with the default Action Module template
  4. Create one or more methods.
  5. Click the save icon in the top right corner. SE Save Icon
  6. Enter the name of your Action Module
  7. Your new Action Module will appear in the folder

# Creating Methods

Methods are defined in the Methods section. Here is a template: Method Template


As an advanced user, you may create more complex methods for your Action Module in TypeScript, however those methods might not display properly in GTD.

# Using an Action Module in a Test Module or Page Object

  • Your Action Module will automatically be imported to your test when you use one of its methods.
  • A Predictive text select box will appear while typing. It shows information about the method such as its keyword and location.
    Importing a Action Module
  • A new line importing Action Module's class location will appear if you view the file in TypeScript mode.
import testAction from "./../actions/testAction";
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