# Gondola CLI

What You'll Learn

Reference for Gondola CLI

# Run

  • Run all tests from current folder with common parameters:
    • steps: prints a detailed list of steps to the console
    • reporter: specifies which report generator will be used
gondola run --steps --reporter mochawesome
  • Run a single test
gondola run /path/to/test.ts
  • Run tests with the word "Basic" in their name
gondola run --grep "Basic"
  • Run tests with tag "@smoke_tests"
gondola run --grep "@smoke_tests"

In the following example, test "Basic 1 @smoke_test" will be executed:

TestCase("Basic 1 @smoke_test", () => {
    //[CHECK] The page title should be LogiGear Demo Shop
    gondola.checkWindowExist("LogiGear Demo Shop");

TestCase("Basic 2", () => {
    //[CHECK] The highest price should be 150 (This is a bug)
    gondola.checkText({ css: "[for='pricerange'] span" }, "150");
  • Run tests in debug mode
gondola run --debug --reporter mochawesome
  • Run tests and print all of the logs
gondola run --verbose --reporter mochawesome
  • Run tests with a custom configuration file:
gondola run -c my_config_file.json
gondola run --config path/to/my_config_file.json
  • Override some configurations:
gondola run --override '{ "helpers": {"WebDriver": {"browser": "chrome"}}}'
  • Run tests and produce an xunit report:
gondola run --reporter xunit

# Run-Multiple

Run multiple test suites.

gondola run-multiple smoke:chrome regression:firefox
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