# Quick Help

Gondola Quick Help is a feature which assists users in creating a new Gondola Project, building a Test Module using Gondola Test Builder and executing the Test Module's Test Cases.

The Quick Help tree will display in the VSCode File Explorer and Gondola Explorer.

It details important steps for using Gondola, from logging-in to executing Test Modules.

Quick Help Tree


Gondola Quick Help is currently only available for the Webdriver ABT sample project.

# Usage

Gondola Quick Help displays information based on the current context.

After the Gondola Extension has been installed, Quick Help will display two sections.

Quick Help Start

By following these steps, you can quickly log in to the Gondola License Server and create a new Gondola Project.

After creating a new Gondola project with the Web ABT sample template, Quick Help will assist you in creating a sample project, creating a new test module and executing your tests.

Quick Help Test Module

When you've completed a step, you can mark it by checking the box. A step's checkbox can only be marked if all the steps above it have been completed. Users can also check all the steps in a section by clicking on the number at the top of a section.

The image is an example of Gondola Quick Help usage. The first section, Create a Web ABT Project, has already been completed and so have the first two steps of the second section. The 3rd step of the 2nd section is underway.

Quick Help Checkbox


Gondola Quick Help only contains steps for basic tasks. If you need more information, you can click the navigator button to the corresponding section Gondola Docs.

Quick Help Navigator

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