# Test Execution

Gondola provides several ways to execute your test. You can use the run button, the VSCode explorer context menu, or the terminal

# Test Execution Dialog

When editing your test with Gondola Test Designer, you can click the run button in the action bar to open the Test Execution Dialog

# From the Terminal

You can use the gondola command from the terminal to run your tests.

# Running Test Quickly

# Using the Context Menu

  1. Open your Gondola Project.
  2. In the VSCode Explorer, right-click on Test Module and choose Run Gondola Test Module

test execution quickly run context menu

# Using the Run button in TypeScript mode

  1. Open your Gondola Project, then open the TestModule is TypeScript Mode.

  2. Click the run button Execute Test Button (located on the action-bar in the top right corner).

test execution command quickly run button

The run button and the context menu will send a command to the VSCode terminal where you can view the process and final results.

test execution command quickly run

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