# Creating your first ABT project

This topic will guide you through creating an Action Based Testing (ABT) test using the Gondola Test Designer (GTD) and the Car Rental sample application. We'll check if the Login Page (or Login Activity) works correctly when a user logs in with a valid account.

# Prerequisites

# Creating an ABT Project

  1. Open Visual Studio Code and click on the Gondola Studio icon
  2. Click on the Create new project icon
  3. Select a directory for you project
  4. Select [Gondola-Appium] Mobile ABT Sample as the template
  5. Enter a name for your project, then press Enter
  6. Gondola Studio will generate your new project

# Creating a Test Module

Follow these instruction to create a new Test Module named loginTestSample, then add a simple Test Case to the Test Cases section:

  1. In the Your description here field, enter the module name: Login Test Example
  2. If there's nothing in Test Cases section, you can add a new Test Case by typing Test Case in any cell in first column and hitting Enter
  3. Click on Test Case's description cell then enter Login Validation
  4. Define the script for testing. The Test Case's main flow should follow this line: waiting for login form to load >> filling out the form with a valid account >> clicking the login button. You will also need to find an element's locator to interact with the form.

The Test Case should look like this:
Simple Test Case without using Page Object


Feel free to add a new line by clicking the add new line button Gondola Test Designer New Line Icon or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+I. Read more about Gondola Test Designer's keyboard shortcuts click here

  1. Add the test to your test configuration file

# Running your Test

  • Follow the steps here to run your test.

# Applying Page Object Model

  1. Follow these instructions to create a Page Object named loginPageSample for the Login Activity
  2. Define locators for the login button and the username and password textboxes in the LOCATORS section
    Page Object Locators
  3. Define the login method in the METHODS section. Use login as the keyword Page Object Methods
  4. Replace the loginTestSample Test Case's script with the login method Importing a Page Object


Click here for more information on Page Objects and how to use them.

  1. Add a locator for the Welcome TextView to the Page Object and an action to check if the login process was sucessful. Every Test Case must have at least one checkpoint to verify if the expected result and actual outcome are the same.

Welcome Textbox Locator Welcome Activity

The Welcome Activity appears after a successful login. So the final step of this Test Case should be to check if Welcome Textbox has appeared. Test Case with Checkpoint


We're using the wrong password for the sample to make it easier for user. The correct password is blank("").

Finally, save and re-run loginTestSample.

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