# Gondola Test

# What is a Gondola Test?

A Gondola Test is a set of test cases that have the same test objectives and follow the Action-Base testing method. It will include 2 sections TEST CONFIGURATIONS and TEST CASES.

# Create Gondola Test

Here's a quick guide on creating a Gondola Test

  1. Navigate to the directory src/tests
  2. Right click on the tests directory and click New Gondola Test
  3. Gondola Test Designer will open with the default Gondola Test template


For more information on Gondola Test Designer click here

  1. Click the save icon in the top right hand corner. SE Save Icon
  2. Enter loginValidation as the filename
  3. A new file name loginValidation.ts will appear in the tests folder

# Defining a Test Configuration

The TEST CONFIGURATIONS section is used to prepare for a test or clean up (data/environmental variables) after test. If you want to run anything before or after your tests you can use the following configuration keywords:

  • Test Initial: executes before each test case in current Gondola Test.

  • Test Final: executes after each test case in current Gondola Test.

  • Suite Initial: executes before any of test cases in current Gondola Test are run.

  • Suite Final: executes after all test cases in current Gondola Test have run.

Enter the configuration method to Gondola Test Designer at section TEST CONFIGURATION, then input which action will be run in this configuration method.

Suite Initial Test Initial Test Final Suite Final

If a Gondola Test contains 2 Test Cases, the flow will be Suite Initial > Test Initial > Test Case 01 > Test Final > Test Initial > Text Case 02 > Test Final > Suite Final.

# Defining a Test Case

This test scenario is where you'll satisfy some of your Gondola Test objectives. For example, if the Gondola Test is loginValidation, then your test objectives may be login successful with valid account and login failed with invalid account. Your test cases can be filled in like below.

Test Cases

The steps above, like login and check home page opened, are methods that should be implemented in a Page Object. They will be auto-suggested when you type in the Gondola Test Designer. Click here for more details

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