# Test Execution Dialog

What You'll Learn

How to use the Test Execution Dialog to execute tests

# Introduction

The Test Execution Dialog provides a simple way to execute Test Cases from GTD. It allows you to:

  • View and select a configuration file
  • Select which Test Cases to run
  • Execute your tests based on your selections

# Usage

  1. Open the Test Module you wish to run in GTD using the right-click context menu or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + V.

  2. Open the Test Execution Dialog by clicking the button Execute Test Button in the action bar (located in the top right corner).

action bar

  1. Select a configuration file. This list will contain each of the configuration files from your project (gondola.*.json).

configuration file select box

You can view the settings for the selected configuration file as JSON by expanding the Configuration Detail section. For example, the helpers and multiple settings.

configuration json view


The select box for test execution mode (Single or Multiple) only appears when the selected configuration file has a multiple setting.

execution mode selection

  1. Select the browser that you want to run the Test Module on. Currently, the browser selection feature now only works when you select a gondola configuration file with WebDriver or Protractor as the helper. The selected browser will overwrite the helper's browser setting on the currently selected configuration file when you execute the Test Module.

browser selection


Currently, only Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) and Safari are supported. You may experience issues when using other browsers.

  1. Select which Test Cases you want to run. The Test Module's Test Cases are shown in checklist. You can choose to run all of them, or just select certain Test Cases. You must select at least 1 Test Case to run a test.

Test Cases list

  1. Run the test by clicking on the Run button. The execution command generated by Test Execution Dialog will be sent to the gondola terminal inside VSCode where you can view the process and the final results.

Test Cases list


If your Test Module has more than one Test Case with the same name, you can not select just one of them using the Test Execution Dialog. If you select one, all Test Cases with that exact name will be run.

Test Cases list

For this reason and for the clarity of your test results, it's recommended to use unique names for each Test Case in a Test Module.

Last Updated: 9/30/2020, 7:45:56 AM