# TestBuilder Overview

What You'll Learn

This section provides an overview of Gondola TestBuilder's capabilities

# Introduction

Finding proper locators and using them in code is tedious work. Gondola Test Builder is here to help. TestBuilder's point and click interface allows you to easily automate your apps for testing. You can add locators and actions for those locators just using your mouse and few keystrokes.

# Mobile TestBuilder Capabilities

Gondola supports the following platforms and configurations:

  • OSs: Android and iOS. You can find the current list of supported versions here.
  • Devices: phones and tablets; physical and virtual devices
  • Application types: native.
  • Mobile cloud: any vendors that support Appium, such as Sauce Labs or NTT Remote Testkit.


Gondola does not require app signing & instrumenting

# Appium

Under the hood, Gondola uses Appium for mobile automation. Appium is a well-established open source package for mobile testing.

# Key Features

# TestBuilder UI

  • Gondola TestBuilder has two interfaces:
    • Device Live Screen: this displays what's on the device's screen and allows you to save locators and add actions to the screens current elements.
    • Locator Tree View: This shows hierarchal tree of each of the elements on the screen and their properties.

# TestBuilder Service

  • Gondola TestBuilder allows you to dynamically load webdriver based on your current project.
  • Interact with a mobile device or emulator via an Appium server.
  • Add element locators or actions for an element.

# Connection Setting

You'll need to have installed theGondola Studio extension already.

  1. Open VSCode
  2. Open settings: File > Preferences > Settings (macOS: Code > Preferences > Settings)
  3. Search for gondola
  4. You can modify the settings for Gondola: Connection Retry Count and Gondola: Connection Retry Timeout
  5. VSCode will need to be restarted for the settings to take effect. Gondola Studio Connection Setting


This can be a user(global) or workspace setting.

# Connection Retry Count

  • The maximum number of times to attempt to connect to an Appium server after the initial attempt.
  • Default value : 3

# Connection Retry Timeout

  • The timeout for any WebDriver request to a driver or grid.
  • Default value : 90000 milliseconds
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