# Using Web TestBuilder

# Prerequisites

# Starting Gondola TestBuilder

Here’s quick guide to using Web TestBuilder.

  1. Click the TestBuilder button TestBuilder Icon in the top right corner of Gondola Test Designer.


  1. After starting TestBuilder, the Create new session dialog will open.

Create new sesion

  1. Enter the URL of your site. If you do not enter one, TestBuilder will use https://demo.gondolatest.com/ as the url.
  2. Click “OK” to start a new session.
  3. TestArchitect Web Recorder will open.

TestArchitect Web Recorder

  1. TestArchitect Web Recorder shows which actions you are recording.

TestBuilder now supports direct actions such as: click, double click

• For example: Click the Women's header. The action and element's locator are displayed in a textbox in the bottom right corner of TestArchitect Web Recorder.

TestArchitect Web Recorder Menu

  1. In order to add more actions, click the Add new step icon TestArchitect Web Recorder Menu and click on an element.

• For example: Click the Men’s header.

Click on an element

TestBuilder will highlight an element when you hover the mouse over it.

Click on an element

  1. The Add new step dialog will open.

Element name: locator of the element.

Select an actions: TestBuilder now supports multiple check actions.

Click an element

  1. Select an action

Click an element selection

  1. Click Add to add the action check control exist

Click an element example

  1. The recorded and check actions will be added to your Test Case in Gondola Test Designer.

TestArchitect Web Recorder Output

  1. Click the Resume Recording icon in TestArchitect Web Recorder to end the Add new step session. Resume Recording Icon

Click “OK”.

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