# Web Testing Overview

What You'll Learn

This section provides an overview of Gondola's web testing capabilities.

# Any Browser - Any Device

With Gondola, you can write test scripts once to test all kinds of web apps, from legacy apps to modern Single Page Applications and run them on any desktop or mobile OS and device. By providing the platform-agnostic abstraction, it enables you to write one set of tests that can be executed anywhere with minimal maintenance and overhead.

# Supported Browsers and Operating Systems

  • Windows 10:
    • Chrome 88, 87
    • Firefox 85, 84
    • Microsoft Edge Chromium-based 88, 87
  • Debian Linux Docker Image:
    • Chrome 88, 87
    • Firefox 85, 84
  • MacOS:
    • Safari 14.0.3 & Chrome 88, 87 on macOS 11.2.1 & 10.15.7
    • Safari 13.1.3 on macOS 10.15.7

# Page Object Model Builder (POM Buider)

POM Builder is a Chrome extension that instantly generates the most robust web element locator (XPath, CSS selector, ID, Name, etc.) for all test automation frameworks including Selenium, Protractor and TestArchitect.

# Scaling Test Execution

In Agile development, it's crucial to have a fast feedback loop between development and testing. It helps development teams to be more confident when making changes.

Gondola provides a number of ways to help reduce and parallelize test execution:

  • Executes test in a browser's headless mode
  • Parallel execution using Selenium Grid
  • Automatic test distribution to get 110% out of your test execution infrastructure
  • Containerized test execution infrastructure using Kubernetes and Docker
  • Continuous testing by executing Gondola tests in a CI/CD pipeline using all available tools including TFS, Jenkins, etc.
  • Cloud-based test execution using Sauce Labs, BrowserStack, NTT Remote Testkit, etc.
Last Updated: 2/2/2021, 6:54:30 AM